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Income distribution of people by State/Territory

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This graph shows where people living in different States and Territories are placed in the household income rankings. It shows that the States with the largest populations – New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland –have a more even representation of people across the income distribution than the smaller states and territories (the exception being the high share of people in the highest 20% – 23% – living in New South Wales, most of whom are likely to live in Sydney – link to graph). The smaller States and Territories have a greater concentration of people towards the highest or lowest ends of the income spectrum. For example, 25% of people living in Tasmania and South Australia are in the lowest 20% income group, while 23% of people in Western Australia and around 30% of people in the Territories are in the highest 20% income group.

These interstate differences reflects differences in employment levels and age profiles of the populations living in each of the States and Territories.

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