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Shares of national wealth by wealth group

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This graph shows how wealth is divided up among households. This probably underestimates of the true extent of wealth inequality. The wealthiest 1%, who own a disproportionate share of all wealth, are a small number of people and so are underrepresented in household surveys. It is also likely that many under-report their wealth. 

See the pie chart showing shares of income by income group.

2017-18: The wealthiest 20% holds 64% of all wealth, followed by 20% for the next wealthiest group. The remaining 60% of households have just 17% of wealth between them.

2015-16: The highest 20% of household wealth groups holds 62% of all wealth. The middle 20% wealth group holds 12%, and the lowest 20% wealth group holds less than 1%.   Wealth is highly concentrated at the very top. The highest 10% wealth group owns 45% of all wealth while the highest 5% owns 32% and the very highest 1% holds 15%. So the share of the highest 1% (15%) is greater than the middle 20% (12%). In contrast, the combined wealth of the lowest 40% is just 6% of the total.





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