ACOSS (the Australian Council of Social Service) and UNSW Sydney have partnered since 2017 to tackle poverty and inequality head on.

We are now in our second five-year phase of the partnership, backed by new NGO partners: 54 reasons (part of Save the Children Australia Group), ARACY, Foodbank Australia, Jesuit Social Services, Life Without Barriers and SSI, with new philanthropic partner John Mitchell; and phase one partners who continue into phase two: Brotherhood of St Laurence, cohealth (a Victorian community health service), Good Shepherd Australia & New Zealand, Mission Australia and The Smith Family; along with Australian Communities Foundation subfunds Hart Line and the David Morawetz Social Justice Fund.

Partnership Directors: Dr Cassandra Goldie, ACOSS CEO, and Professor Carla Treloar, Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney.

The struggle to afford basic daily needs is a serious problem for many people in Australia despite being a wealthy country. This collaboration aims to focus national attention on poverty and inequality through high-quality research, policy development and advocacy to effect change.

The partnership will monitor trends in poverty and inequality over time and explore the drivers of poverty and inequality to inform effective action to eliminate these problems.