I spent 6 months in hospital last year and resigned my job as if and when I can return to work is uncertain. I suffer chronic pain and am no longer able to drive. Nor is it safe for me to take public transport. And you certainly can’t afford taxis. My medical problems are numerous but I’ve been told I don’t qualify for disability… Every shopping day is stressful. No haircuts. I have to buy expensive shoes because of nerve damage. I can’t get to see the specialist I need to because the wait list is a year and I can’t afford to go private. I’m thankful for what I have but it’s so hard for us both. The depression and anxiety I feel is worse knowing that I have nothing to fall back on if things go wrong again. I rely on the kindness of friends. Our [life] shouldn’t be this tough. And I know there are many more with stories as bad or worse than mine. *Name has been changed. Photo representative only, copyright Austockphoto